About Our Company

About Our Company

We just created our company but our workers have more than 15 years of experience. We have a unique habilities and an exclusive variety where people can enjoy different services.

About Us

Our Services

We would like to offer our products and do services to make our community a better place to live in. We specialized in:
Restoration and New Masonry
Finish and Rough Carpentry
Landscaping and l Demolition
Flashing and siding
Concrete repairs and Asphalt services

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What We Do


Our company offers the following Restoration services:
– Brick Replacement   – Jahn Patch
– Repointing or Tuck Pointing
– Dutchman        – Sand Blasting
-Hot and Cold power washing
– Micro Abrasive Cleaning

We operate in all sectors; Residencial and ICI( Industrial, Comercial and Institutional)

New Masonry

The art and craft of building and fabricating stone, clay, brick, or concrete. The construction of poured concrete, reinforced or unreinforced, that describes what we are. Installation of Brick, Block, and Stones. Our experts will provide you with quality services.

Ceramic and Concrete

Our company provides all services related to Ceramic tiling and Porcelain, Granite, Marble, and Stone. We also offer Concrete services from the foundry to retaining walls and driveway.

Join Our Team!

If you think that you want to be part of our excellent team send us your resume. We would love to invite you to be part of our amazing company. We are always welcoming people who are highly motivated.